Porcelain, Pottery and Ceramic Pet Urns

Here you will find a large selection of pottery pet urns, porcelain pet urns, and ceramic pet urns.  Many of these pet urns can be personalized with your pet’s name and dates and a special memorial poem.  Some of our custom ceramic pet urns are hand painted to look exactly like your beloved pet.  Our ceramic and porcelain jar urns can all be personalized with a photo of your dog, cat, horse, bird, or any other beloved pet.


The death of a pet means the loss of an unconditional love source. The grief suffered by pet owners after their pet dies can be the same as that experienced after the death of a person. Given time, healing will occur for the bereaved owner. Give yourself permission to grieve - only you know what your pet meant to you. It helps to memorialize your pet. Try to accept the feelings that come with the grief process, and surround yourself with people who understand your loss.
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Eternal Paw Prints
Our pets are our teachers, both in life and in death. The memories and the love will always be with us, and their paw prints will remain forever on our soul.

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