Huggable Keepsake Teddy Bear Urn

Huggable Keepsake Teddy Bear Urn
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Pictured here are the three Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn colors we offer (Brown, White and Tan). Each Bear has a velcro opening in the bottom for the easy installation of your pet’s ashes. As a keepsake urn, you’re not able to install all of your pet’s ashes in one single bear. A small plastic heart is included with each Bear for holding a small quantity of ashes while inside the urn.

Each Bear is approximately 13” left-to-right, 12” tall and 9” front-to-back. The urn volume is 15 cubic inches, allowing for a pet about 0-10 pounds.

These beautifully made Teddy Bear urns are the perfect urn for those individuals looking for a huggable memorial which they can display and remember with daily affection. This urn design is popular with people who wish to share their pet’s ashes with more than one family member or those who simply prefer a bed-side memorial.

Whatever your choice, please accept our sincere condolences as you bring your beloved pet home one final time. We truly believe that in the future, all pet owners will be reunited with their animal friends.
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Eternal Paw Prints
Our pets are our teachers, both in life and in death. The memories and the love will always be with us, and their paw prints will remain forever on our soul.

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