Water Meadow Pet Keepsake Urn by Jardinia Harmony Ball

Water Meadow Pet Keepsake Urn by Jardinia Harmony Ball
Jardinia Pet Keepsake Urn
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“Water Meadow” is a lidded cachepot pet keepsake urn by Jardinia Harmony Ball, created in the English Cotswolds by Ann Richmond. Included on the sculpture are a Siamese Fighting fish, a Marbled Hatchet, a Gold Platy, a White Square Flagtail, a Crimson Spotted Rainbow fish, an Angelfish, a Neon Tetra, an Orange Throat Darter, a Tiger Barb, a Swordtail, a Guppy, amongst others! A veritable aquarium. Produced overseas. Approximate height 3 1/2 inches.

Jardinia cachepots are elegant and imaginative keepsake urns. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, they are visually compelling and functional. Carved with graceful bas-relief designs, Jardinia's warm ivory look and feel result from the use of a special crushed marble medium pioneered in the English Cotswolds.

Each piece is hand-tinted, lending each cachepot keepsake urn its distinctive character.

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